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#SOCIALCON Recap: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy with These Tips

Digital marketers from all over Metro Detroit gathered at the Ann Arbor Marriott for #SOCIALCON- a day-long event that produced informative workshops on social media, SEO, design, and more. The event was hosted by the Social Media Assocation of Michigan (SMAMi) and was the perfect opportunity for digital marketers to network with each other and trade tips, tricks, and social hacks. There were captivating presentations from Nikki SunstrumTaylor HuckOmeid Seiafi-pour, and more! From social responsibility to getting the perfect Instagram food shot, here's some industry facts and takeaways that you can use to improve your digital marketing strategy:


Chad Schaeffer on the Importance of Social Customer Care

Customers Come First- This is a golden rule in business. It's more cost-effective to keep the customers you have than to attract new ones so your current customers' satisfaction should be a top priority for your business. When your customers reach out to you with issues their facing with your brand, you should consider it feedback and not a complaint. When you receive the feedback, whether it be positive or negative, package it and deliver it to the department that it directly affects- whether it be sales, marketing, operations, etc. And by all means, people- DO NOT automate your customer service responses. When customers reach out to you on social, you should handle their concerns right then and there instead of directing them to a general e-mail or 800-number that will transfer them to a complaint department. 


Mark de Schweinitz Breaks Down Video

There is no secret that video is the cool kid on the content block and shows no signs of falling off and Mark backed that up with some serious data and recommendations:

-44% of people who watch an entertaining video will visit the brand's website within 7 days and are also 1.7x more engaged!

-When you produce videos that are an overview of a product, brand, or service, they should be 1-4 minutes.

-For product reviews or comparisons, your video should be 5-10 mins. 

-The data that you should be tracking are impressions, engaged views, ad recall, brand searches, and site visits, to name a few. 

-On average, people watch 4 videos about a product or brand before making a purchase.

- And if you're not producing your videos with mobile in mind, that's a problem- 65% of all online video views are on mobile. 


Nikki Sunstrum and the Social Revolution

From links, to funny videos, to even this blog post- we are bombarded with online content everyday. Nikki Sunstrum suggests for us all to "add value, don't just add to the noise" when it comes to our content.

Nikki commanded the room as she discussed our social responsibility to prevent online bullying and encouraged us to even put an end to enabling disrespectful political opinions that are ever-present on Facebook and have even taken over LinkedIn! We have a responsibility to educate those who may not be digital natives (and even those who are) about the damages that social media can cause to a person.

From there, Nikki gave us some of her best tips for Snapchat- sharing that one of her best Snapchatters comes from a TV background because she knows how to map out a story. Nikki also gave a golden rule for social media: pick the platforms that are right for your brand. Snapchat is not for everyone. Put your content on the platform where it will have the most impact.


Getting the perfect food shot with Omeid Seiafi-pour

A personal highlight of mine, though, was Omeid Seiafi-pour. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love a good food picture. I follow multiple food accounts and plan out my meals accordingly- it gets real! So I couldn't resist asking Omeid how to get the perfect food picture. 

"It's all about natural lighting and finding the angle," he said.

There was so much useful information to share that this blog post would be entirely too long but the common theme at #SOCIALCON was to be consistent with producing content, engage with your audience as a person and not a business, and to try, test, and try again. For more helpful information, check out future events with SMAMi.