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Why I Love Being A Marketing Manager

Valentine's Day is a day centered aroud love and grand gestures of affection. When I think about what I love, many things come into mind- my faith, my family, my friends, peonies, yoga, dance, good food, and of course my job. I love being a marketing manager. I always feel fulfilled daily with my tasks and accomplishments. In a generation where many hate their jobs, I'm fortunate that I've found something that I naturally love to do. Here's why I love my job:

Developing something new and re-inventing the old. I love taking a brand and giving it a clear and defined identity. This includes developing a brand message, setting a price point, collaborating on product design, finding a niche, discovering our market, etc. 


The creative process. Whether it's working with a team or coming up with concepts on my own, as a marketing manager I'm constantly having to think of fresh and innovative ways to market companies. This can be as big as re-designing a website and developing campaigns or as simple as finding fun ways to celebrate a holiday.


Creating excitement. I love getting people excited about a product or company. When you are passionate about the work that you do and the company that you work for, other people get excited too. Creating that buzz and getting others to feel that energy is like a shot of espresso to me.  It gets me even more pumped and excited about what I do.


The numbers game. When I look at our analytics, I love seeing our numbers increase and discovering what's working and what's not. It's interesting to see what our audience responds to and how campaigns are performing. 


Learning new things. There is always a new marketing tool or app emerging that aids in making you a more efficient marketer. I love trying out new tools, doing market research, and I've even currently continued my formal education by focusing on furthering my skills in the tech industry. Education is so important to me and I love a job that inspires me to continue to learn. In marketing I'm constantly learning and picking up new skills. Marketing is a lot more analytics-based than it used to be and I love being up-to-speed with the latest trends in the industry.


Bringing out the brand's personality and defining their voice. I love when companies are personable and aren't too stiff online. Telling a joke, refrencing pop culture, or sharing a funny article are just some of the ways I provide a little entertainment to our audience. Every company has their own culture and personality and it's up to the marketers to show the heart behind the brand. My CEO at GDI always tell us "We don't do business to business, we do people to people."


Interacting with others. I'm not the most extroverted person unless I feel comfortable. There are days that I like to keep to myself and then there are days where I'm the life of the party. Even on my worst day, I still have a sense of humor (even if it's snarky).  What I love about marketing, particularly in digital marketing, is that I get to interact with people online A LOT so even I can't snap out of one of my moods, I can still be the Stefanie you know and love via e-mail or on social media.  Also, social media is so entertaining. Between memes, gifs, hilarious comments, and recaps, it's where a lot of personalities shine and where even introverts thrive. 


Those are just some of the things that I love about marketing. There may be more but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet :) I hope you all have a magical Valentine's Day! Comment below and tell me what you love about your job

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