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4 Marketing Trends and Tactics to Implement in 2018

Marketing is an industry that is constantly and consistently changing. With the development of new tools, comes new trends and ways to implement them into your 2018 marketing plan. To keep your marketing strategies current and competitive, it’s important to stay on pulse with emerging trends. Here’s what to look out for in the next year:


Content: Content marketing has moved on from a “trend” to a marketing staple for years now but what has changed is the way that we produce content. Before, the rule of thought was to not only post consistently, but to also post in high quantities. Through testing, marketing professionals have learned that it’s not about how much you post that makes the difference, but the quality of the posts. 1 engaging post per day on Facebook, beats 9 irrelevant, low performing posts any day. The key is to post at the right time, post information relevant to your audience, and include elements that will catch your audience’s attention (such as graphics, video, etc).



In terms of the type of content, infographics are phasing out as video content is reigning supreme. Try posting a 4 minute video on YouTube and then use a 30 second - 1 minute clip from that video and post it on channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.



Brands are also utilizing Instagram Stories more than ever. Instagram Stories has a higher engagement rate and allows you to post on-the-fly personable posts that won’t clutter your Instagram feed. You can also view who is interested in your brand by who watches your stories the most. The best new feature for InstaStories is that for users with more than 10k followers, you can link to an article straight from your Story.



Purposeful marketing: In 2011, Simon Sineck encouraged leaders and brands to discover and share not what they do, but why they do it. What separates one brand from the next is why they do what they do, more than what they do. The purpose of your brand is what will connect you to your audience and build relationships. Relationships build trust, and consumers support brands not only that they trust but that also align with their lifestyle and beliefs.  Because of this, brands are putting more of an effort into discovering who they are at their core, why they exist, and who they exist for. Take a step back and really evaluate your brand- before the growth, before the investors, and before production, why did you start doing what you do? What problem are you solving? What purpose are you fulfilling?



Relationship Marketing: Marketing is becoming more personal than ever and if Trend #2 wasn’t any indication of that, then maybe this trend will make you a believer. Relationship marketing is just that- all about building a relationship and connection with your audience. Through interactive posts, chat bots, and increased social media engagement (responding to comments, reposting your clients and customers posts, and providing customer service right on social media), brands are seeking to create a more personable, hands-on experience.



Business Intelligence: From Facebook Insights to Google Analytics, brands are putting their data hats on and diving into the exciting world of business intelligence (no, seriously, it really is exciting!). Business intelligence paints a picture of who your audience is (demographic information, interests, etc.), what content they interact with the most, and which content they don’t seem to care about. By using this data, you can restructure e-mail campaigns, redesign websites to make them more user-friendly, and craft social media posts that will increase traffic and grow your audience. Your data can easily  prove the success of campaigns and track ROI. By using data, you can follow which online activity directly resulted in a sale. That’s definitely something to get excited about!

I hope these tips are helpful! What marketing tactics do you plan on implementing in 2018? Let me know in the comments!


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