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Talking Cups of Joe with Biggby Bob

It’s National Coffee Day! I don’t know about you but when I don’t get my full night’s sleep (which is most nights) I love a cup of coffee in the morning. It’s no secret that one of my favorite places to get coffee is Biggby. At one point, I was so addicted to their Caramel Marvel it became my nickname. Last month, SMAMi held a Twitter Q&A live chat with Biggby CEO, Bob Fish. Biggby has one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the business, with obvious strengths in their e-mail marketing campaign and company branding. When you walk into a Biggby, the colors are vibrant, the atmosphere is a happy one, the products are yummy, and the buy one get one coupons are a definite consumer magnet. Not only that, but Biggby has a reputation for great customer service and community involvement. When asked about how philanthropy plays into the company’s strategy, Bob expressed that “giving is getting.” Rather than a return on investment, Biggby looks at giving as a return on involvement.


There have been some hiccups, however. Bob noted a time where a Biggby employee made an insensitive remark about Trayvon Martin. Social media was one of the ways the company tried to combat the problem- showing sensitivity to the issue and reprimanding the then-employee. By responding to consumers’ concerns about the issue, it showed that Biggby was a brand of good judgement and good morals. This is just one example of how important social media is in the public relations sector for your business. 


Bob answered a ton of questions related to marketing, but I also wanted to gain insight on what the key factors in his success are so that you can use it in your business. Here are some questions I asked and a few things I’ve learned (keep in mind, these were tweets so the characters are limited and the sentences are shortened).


SMM: “What is a typical day like in the life of the CEO of Biggby from your morning rituals to night?”

Bob: "7:30a - 6:30p numbers review, meetings, communications, store visits. 7pm dinner and family time"


SMM: "In your opinion, what has been a key marketing tactic in Biggby's success?"

Bob: "Consistency - frequency. ....with a smile"


SMM: “What helpful tips can you provide for success in closing business deals?”

Bob: "Listen, solve problems, communicate, communicate, communicate"


SMM: "What would you say was the biggest learning lesson/ turning point in your career with Biggby?"

Bob: "It was to know and understand my own personal fears, and having the courage to do something I am afraid of, anyway.


A big thanks to Bob for engaging with us on Twitter and allowing us to share. Be sure to follow Bob on Twitter and connect with him on Facebook. As always, stay connected with SMAMi for great social media events, news, and tips.