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The Forgotten Marketing Tactic: A Customer Retention Strategy

The quality of the services and products that you offer is definitely a way to make your customers happy but as great as you are at your job, there's other companies that can provide excellent service and quality, too. Customers like companies that make them feel good and that strike an emotional cord. Taking the time to make them feel appreciated keeps you on the top of their mind and lets them know they're valued. In addition, when customers are happy with your brand, they're more likely to refer you to other people in passing and online. Here's some ways you can show your customers some love:


Keep detail-oriented records. Whether you do it in Salesforce or Excel, keep track of all of your customers, important dates, and their contact information.

Send new clients and customers a welcome package. This can include a gift card, company "swag" such as a t-shirt, laptop bag, mug, etc.

Send a handwritten note. Grab some nice stationary and write a note about how much you appreciate having them as a client.

Send a "Just Because" gift that's unique to their industry. If they're local, surprise them with some yummy pastries and coffee. 

Acknowledge special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

Have a Customer Appreciation Day or Week where you hold special events and offer discounts. If you provide a service, knock a percentage off of services and if you sell products, hold flash sales from time to time.

Go the extra mile. Give clients a call and see how business is going. Make sure they're happy with the service or product you're providing. 


What are some ways that you show appreciation to your customers and clients?

Stefanie Mitchell