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How to Come Up With Your Best Creative Ideas

Digital marketers are creatives in every sense of the word- we write, design graphics, develop websites, and create campaigns. We're constantly having to think of fresh and new ideas; we're always learning and always looking for a better way. It's safe to say that with a job that requires so much creativity, you can sometimes burn out- it happens to all of us. When it comes to creating new ideas during one of my blocks, here's how I tap back into my creativity:


Take a break. I live for the moments when I unplug from everything, even if it's just for an hour. I turn off my phone, laptop, and TV and just have alone time. I'm an introvert (surprisingly) so I need time to recharge. I normally take a walk, go workout, journal, or just relax. I even notice I'm way more creative after taking a trip out of town- a change of scenery does wonders for me. Whatever you're into, allow yourself to take a break and revisit your project later.


Draw inspiration from unconventional sources. When it comes to creating visual content, visiting museums, art shows, and even coloring inspires me to come up with design elements for any marketing materials that I'm putting together. Once, after being stumped on a poster design, I went home, colored with my 6 year old daughter, and went into work the next day and finally came up with a final copy. Inspiration is everywhere and it could be in places that you wouldn't ordinarily pull from.


Coincidentally, my core group of friends aren't in the same industry that I'm in. When we get together and we discuss what they're working on and how they're executing their goals, it gives me inspiration for how I can apply that to my own field. Asking for their opinion on one of my projects gives me a fresh set of eyes and new ideas that I- or someone in my industry- may not have thought about. 


Draw inspiration from within your industry. On the reverse, surrounding yourself with people within your industry also helps me to gain a new prespective. I find some of my best ideas from talking to other digital marketers. In any industry, skill sets differ. For example: a digital marketer may be talented at writing digital content but may not have a lot of experience with data analytics and insights. Some of us work for organizations in non-profit, IT, banking, fashion, etc. and the projects and expertise differ. Being around people with such varied experiences, can create inspiration for what you bring to your own position or project.


Study your role models then study their role models. I learned this from one of my favorite books, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Instead of wondering, What Would Seth Godin Do? Study him and his work. Get into his head: why he made the decisions he's made, how he develops ideas, and what his insights are. Then, study the people that he looks up to.  By studying how the greats think and what inspires them, it will inspire your creative process as well.


Remember why you love what you do. As a creative, there's different factors that can stump our creativity and create a monotonous feeling but don't let that take away from your passion. Remember why you love what you do, why you chose what you're doing, and who it's impacting. When I tap back into the passion of what I do, it sparks a fire in me and the ideas that I generate flow endlessly. 


How do you bring out your creativity? 


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