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How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy

As a digital marketer, one of my duties is to curate content to share on the social media channels of my clients. You can sometimes feel stumped when trying to think of new content IF you don't have a plan. Here's some simple ways to get started so you don't end up in a content rut:


  • Start using social media automation tools like Buffer or SproutSocial. Here, you can schedule content to post, view your retweets, mentions, timeline, etc, all in one place.

  • Have a formula. What are you trying to achieve with social media? Are you selling a product? Raising awareness? Developing brand personality? Categorize the different subjects you'll be posting about (ex. selling the product, articles related to product, company events, industry insights, etc). Think about what your audience wants to see from you and what they want to read or view online.

  • Mix up the content. You don't want to constantly sell on social media. People will quickly tune you out. Share what's going on in the community, celebrate a holiday, or ask your audience a question. You don't want too many degrees of separation between the content and your industry, but you do want to make sure that you're not just posting about your product.

  • Create your own content. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to add content to my online platforms. Whether it's how-to's, think pieces, industry insights, or event recaps, focus on your experiences and try to think of how your audience can find information useful from them. Also, sharing random pictures about your day, an event, or funny workplace happening is a great way to add a human touch to your social media presence. Video is the quarterback of content so even uploading quick 30 second tips related to your industry could increase engagement.

  • Be a social butterfly. Like and follow other pages, share content that they've posted, comment on their posts, etc. Be genuine and start a conversation.

  • Keep track of your data. You'll want to stay on top of who is interacting with your page, what they're clicking on, and how it's relating to your sales. It will also show you what content is performing well so that you'll know to stay the course. Keep your own records of data, regarding who's interacting with your pages, who's bought products from you, who inquired about your service, etc. Data is a guiding force behind your social interaction and engagement.

  • Keep a social media calendar. Scheduling what you're going to post and when is a great way to be prepared so you're not scrambling at the last minute and/or being lazy with your content. Once you map out what you're going to post, transfer it to you social media management system and start engaging!


The key to these tips is to remember to have fun with social media. Nobody likes a stiff personality, not even online! Let that brand personality shine and your content will stand out. I hop

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