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My Favorite Marketing Trends for 2017

I honestly, truly can't believe it's 2017! I was JUST writing about digital marketing trends for 2016 and now here we are in a new year. So much has changed since then...


There's so many marketing trends that are going to take place in 2017 but there's a few that I'm really excited about and can't wait for you (yes, you!) to implement:



I just tried Facebook Live and Instagram Live for the first time recently and I loved it! The comments are so funny, answering the questions are so much fun, and you can show people what you're doing in real time. This is perfect for brands who have insight to provide, an event to stream, or a Q&A that they'd like to do. 


Video Content

Video continues to reign in content marketing. Not only do algorithms love video, but your audience does, too! Try implementing Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, and vlogging. YouTube is a popular platform for building an audience and establishing your brand but don't forget to take clips from your YouTube vlog and post clips on it on other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook (especially Facebook, due to its large audience). Don't forget to upload the videos directly to Facebook rather than placing a url on Facebook because Facebook's algorithm prefers original content over external content. 


Influencer Marketing

 Be prepared to see more personal brands pair up with corporate brands but in a more authentic way. It's no secret that a lot of Influencers make a living by endorsing products, and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. The best marketers know that the secret to successful Influencer marketing is to align their product with an Influencer that organically "fits" with their brand. 


Purpose-Driven Marketing

 It is the year of the "Why?" This year, we'll see brands exploring more of why they are in business, why they are trying to solve a particular problem, and why they enjoy doing what they do. People want to work for brands that have a purpose beyond profit and those brands want to give back to causes and organizations that they are passionate about. 


Buying Straight From Social 

My aunt loves home decor so when Pier 1 posted a picture of an adorable door mat, she immediately bought it- and she did it quickly and easily because of Pier 1's social savvyness. By adding "buy" buttons to your Instagram ads, this makes the buying process quick and easy for your audience. If you have customers jump through too many hoops, they'll simply give up. Let's make it easier for them! 

Alright guys, that's it for my favorite trends coming your way this year. The best part is- these are easy to implement! If you try these out, let me know how it goes in the comments. Check back for more marketing tips. Happy posting! 

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